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Diane Olsen Vest
Our Price: $650.00

This classy vest made by Diane Olsen has very flattering lines. It has a black base with applique in gold and copper. It is embellished with stones in amber and clear. There are matte copper, triangular and square stones, as well as large, black, half pearls. There is a nice, subtle touch of lace along the zipper and down the center of the back. You will also find sequins in golds and tans. There are a few missing stones and some normal wear on the black, half pearls. The vest has some stretch and can easily be taken in. There is room to let out of approximately 1.5 inches per side. Vest measures; bust 46", waist 48", hips 56" and back length 45". It is approximately street size 2X. Video available on request.

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Showtime Vest and Shirt
Our Price: $1,200.00

This vest and shirt combo were both made by Showtime. The black based vest is a size 8 and has some stretch to it. A very pretty blue fade material was used across the shoulders and down the center of both the front and back. There is also blue as well as black applique, both of which are generously adorned in clear, blue and very pretty aqua blue stones. You will find black stones on the black applique and the black base of the vest. Many large, chunky clear, blue and aqua stones can be found throughout. A fun feature of the vest is the jagged cut hem that frames the hips. As for the shirt, it is also black based and has stretch as well. The sleeves have zippers which makes putting it on and taking it off a simple task. The shirt zips up the front and the zipper is "hidden". The collar and cuffs have blue applique, clear and blue stones along with super fun white buckstitching. The shirt can be worn with or without the vest. Vest measures; bust 36", waist 34", hips 38" and back length 24.5". It has approximately 1 inch of stretch. The shirt measures; bust 37", waist 34", hips 38", sleeve length 23.5" and back length 26.5". The shirt has approximately 2 inches of stretch. more info
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Lindsey James Vest
Our Price: $1,850.00

Price reduced! Beautiful vest by Lindsey James. The base is made of a black material that has a lot of stretch. The vest has a multitude of Swarovski crystals in clear and black as well as super unique bobbles. The fringe is covered in swarovski crystals as well. Vest measures; bust 34", waist 30", hips 32" and back length 23". Comes with a button up, black oxford. more info
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Bolero Shirt Combo
Our Price: $1,995.00

This super cute bolero/shirt combination with a black base, is made of a material that has all way stretch of approximately 4 inches. It has very tastefully done gold sequence that is the background for the stone work. You will see lots of AB crystals, gold half pearls as well as trianglular and oblong chunky stones. There is a piece of fabric that attaches to the front and back of shirt to hold the shirt in place. Zippered sleeves have been included for easy on and off. Bolero measures; bust 32"- 36", waist 28"- 30"(less stretch in the waist due to stone work) and back length 30". The shirt measures; bust 36"- 40", waist 30"- 34", hips 32"- 36". sleeve length 25" and back length 23". Note: some of the gold has worn off of the gold half pearls at the bottom of the sleeves. This occurred when the inside of the sleeve rubbed on the body of the garment. Not noticeable when riding. Also, the bolero could be let out 1"1.5" inches in the "waist"(lower portion of vest). more info
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Silver Lining Vest
Our Price: $2,800.00

This classy vest was made by Silver Lining. It has Swarovsky crystals in AB, topaz and green. It is also embellished with large chunky stones as well as bronze half pearls and pyramids. It has a very linear feel with a touch of swirls as accents. The green portions of the vest are done in a suede like material as is the fringe. You will also find highlights of airbrush painting. The vest could easily be taken in or let out. The brown fabric on the sides of the torso has stretch. Vest measures; bust 34-36", waist 30-32", hips 32-36", back length 21.5.
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DC Custom Label Vest
Our Price: $2,800.00

This vest/shirt combo was made by CD Custom Label. The base color of the vest is black and has aqua, gold, white and black applique. It has been embellished with aqua and black half pearls as well as gold, black, clear and frosted stones. It has some stretch to it. The shirt is embellished on the collar in gold triangles, clear and frosted stones and there are decorative triangular buttons down the front. The shirt zips up the back and has stretch to it as well. Vest measures; bust 32"-36", waist 30"-32", hips 36"-40", and back length 23". It can be let out up to 1.5 inches. Shirt measures; b 32"-36", waist 30"-32", hips 34"-38", sleeve length 25", back length 23". more info