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SIiver Lining Horsemanship Shirt
SIiver Lining Horsemanship Shirt
Our Price: $595.00

Made by Silver Lining, this knit print horsemanship shirt has a base of purple with shades of pink, aubergine, and black as well. The shirt has subtle bling with chunky stones, smaller clear stones, along with black, light amber, pink and purple stones. It is light weight and perfect for hot summer shows. Also, it has tons of stretch! Measures; bust 35", waist 9", hips 33" sleeve length 24.5". There is room to let out about 1" per side. The sleeves can be lengthened approximately 1/2 ". more info
Horsemanship Shirt/Chaps
Horsemanship Shirt/Chaps
Our Price: $600.00

Black based horsemanship shirt with a linear design.The white applique is done in super soft suede and is tastefully embellished with circular baubles as well as square and rectangular stones. Black lace adorns the shoulders along with black Swarovski crystals. Clear Swarovskis can be found throughout the shirt.The shirt has a sharp and orderly look!.There is stretch to it and comes with black Woods Chaps. Shirt measures; bust 36", waist 31", hips 37", sleeve length 22.5" and back length 25. Chaps measure; waist 32"-26" and inseam 30". Can be purchased alone but was a piece of a complete outfit including product #'s 22820, 22822, 22823. more info
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Horsemanship Shirt with Airbrush Painting
Our Price: $700.00

What is unique about this horsemanship shirt is the use of teal, purple, grey and green airbrush painting all on a black base. The colors really make this shirt fun. Many different stones were used to embellish it. There are large chunky stones in AB, gold and clear. You will also find half pearls in black and white as well as smaller AB, green, red, purple/pink and black. stones. The applique in white, black and gold provides the background for many of the stones. The fabric has a lot of stretch. There is no room to let out but it could easily be taken in. Sleeves could be let out approximately 1". Shirt measures; bust 42"-46", waist 38"-42", hips 44"-48", sleeve length 24.5" and back length 24". The shoulder measurement from left to right is 17.5". This is approximately size XL. more info
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Horsemanship Shirt
Our Price: $1,200.00

This shirt is loaded with stones! There are hundreds of rim set stones accenting the silver applique. Swarovski AB crystals give a touch of color and there are countless sewn on black, faceted beads. On top of the gray applique you will find chunky stones and the chunky stones continue throughout the shirt. There are also a multitude of clear stones. The shirt is lined for a more finished look. Measures; bust 35", waist 30", hips 34", sleeve length 23" and back length, 22.5".

more info
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D Designs Horsemanship Shirt
Our Price: $1,200.00

This shirt is loaded! This black based shirt was made by D Designs. It has an enormous amount of AB and salmon colored, smaller stones throughout that are strategically placed on salmon and silver applique. You will find a generous amount of large, sewn on  stones and baubles as well. Does not appear to be missing any stones. The fabric has stretch in all directions. Labeled a size 6, the shirt measures; bust 30"-35", waist 25"- 30", hips 30"-35", sleeve length 23" and  back length 23.5". more info
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Nancy Rose Design
Our Price: $1,200.00

Classic horsemanship shirt by Nancy Rose Designs. The black base is made of stretchy material and is embellished with large chunky stones, medium and small half pearls, small black half pearls and clear as well as black stones. It is a traditional horsemanship shirt in that the majority of the design is at the top of the shirt however, the bottom 5" of each sleeve is decorated with black stones. The shirt is a "one piece" which makes for clean lines with no bunching up at the back. Shirt measures; bust 32", waist 28", hips 30" and sleeve length 24". Not much room for alterations other than 2.5" that can be let down on the sleeves. There is approximately 2" of stretch. more info
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Diane Olsen Horsemanship Shirt
Our Price: $3,200.00

This is a beautiful horsemanship shirt made by Diane Olsen. The base is black with a fade to gray, moving into white at the shoulders. The aplique is black, outlined with silver and the stone work is made up of black and AB Swarovski crystals. You will also find silver half pearls and chunky tear drop, round and triangular stones. The shirt measures; bust 30", waist 26", hips 32", back length 23" and sleeve length 25". Street size is approximately an XS. The material has approximately one inch of stretch per side to let out. Go to https://www.youtube.com/shorts/IhsSwGyndGo to see video. more info